Dreibergen Rottweilers

What is a German Rottweiler?

by Erika Butler - Dreibergen Rottweilers

A German Rottweiler is born in Germany, bred under ADRK rules and is registered with the ADRK. A German Rottweiler is not a dog born in America with a few German dogs somewhere in the pedigree. A German Rottweiler is not born in Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary or any other Eastern European country.

A German Rottweiler does not necessarily look different than other Rottweilers that are born in other countries. The difference is in the breeding standards and that difference can be clearly seen in the pedigree. The minimum requirements for breeding in Germany are that the dog must have hip and elbow certifications, the dog must have a BH (obedience and temperament) title and the dog must have passed a Breed Suitability Test (Ztp). The Ztp is a comprehensive evaluation of the conformation and temperament of the dog, done by a licensed breed judge. Additionally, almost all dogs bred in Germany have obtained a Schutzhund/VPG/IPO 1 or higher performance title

In order for a dog to pass the Ztp and be deemed suitable for breeding the dog is weighed, measured and critiqued by the judge and the dog must be found to be free of any disqualifying faults. The dog must then pass the temperament portion of the test, the dog is evaluated in obedience, around the public and the dog is tested for indifference to gunfire and other strange noises and his overall demeanor. The dog must also demonstrate a controlled bitework routine and is evaluated on his overall performance including tractability and willingness to please, endurance, ability to calm, ability to take pressure and the gripping behavior.

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